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Guelph-Waterloo Centre for Graduate Work
in Chemistry and Biochemistry


The (GWC)2 Annual Meeting, Seminar, Poster Session and Awards Presentations is being held on the Guelph Campus on Friday, May 8th, 2015.

Please join us in congratulating this year's award winners. The awards will be presented at the AGM on Friday, May 8th at the Guelph campus.

This year's Annual General Meeting speaker is Prof. David Cory from the University of Waterloo. All are welcome.

Congratulations to Prof. John Honek

Prof. Honek is the winner of the 2014 Bernard Belleau Award. The award is presented to a scientist residing in Canada who has made a distinguished contribution to the field of medicinal chemistry through research involving biochemical or organic chemical mechanisms. John is the first chemist from Waterloo who has been awarded this honour.

Congratulations to Prof. Juewen Liu

Please join the department in congratulating Juewen Liu for being awarded the Canadian Society for Chemistry's Fred Beamish award for 2014. This award is presented by the CIC Analytical Chemistry Division to an individual who demonstrates innovation in research in the field of analytical chemistry, where the research is anticipated to have significant potential for practical applications. Juewen will give an award lecture at the upcoming CSC meeting in Vancouver in June.

Why choose (GWC)2 ?
As a researcher looking for a graduate placement, you owe it to yourself to survey all possible venues for your studies.


The Guelph-Waterloo Centre for Graduate Work in Chemistry and Biochemistry is one of Canada's largest and most successful graduate schools. The Centre is housed in the Chemistry departments at the Universities of Guelph and Waterloo, two of Canada's highest rated Universities. A diverse team of world-class faculty from both Departments provides research opportunities in a myriad of chemical and biochemical research areas. Please survey our website to see the many areas.


If one considers the comfortable and safe living environment of two midsized cities, the culture and sports activities and the great sense of community within the Departments and the Universities, there lies a wonderful and fulfilling opportunity for study and growth.


Your first research investigation should be an analysis of the prospects for a graduate degree at (GWC)2. After you explore this website, a more detailed examination can be made by visiting our Centre. Please e-mail us for more details.

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